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EL6453 - Final Project - Rijndael AES256 Encryption/Decryption on Spartan6 FPGA Inside a Bitcoin mine that earns $70K a day - YouTube youtube.com VHDL tutorial Waveshare Xilinx Spartan development board first setup programming tutorial ISE Xilinx Intel is in serious trouble. ARM is the Future. - YouTube

From a Stack Exchange item Accesing the PCM Flash Memory on a Nexys 3 Board, try looking in Samuirai/fpga/Memory github repository for something with .vhd suffix. There's also Nexys 3 Design Review which indicates it can be accessed with an SRAM interaface. – user1155120 Sep 18 '13 at 4:24 I currently have a Spartan-6 FPGA in a Digilent Nexus 3 board. I am using Xilinx 14.6 Project Navigator to write the code and program the FPGA. My code for the top (and only) module is the followi... The Nexys 3 Reference Manual suggests using the Reference Designs from the Digilent website, but there isn't actually one for the Nexys 3 board - I've asked Digilent and they say there's only one for the Nexys 2, which I've been through. I've also read most of the data sheet for the flash chip - Micron NP8P128A13T1760E but can't get it working. If you are just learning HDL and FPGA's, I suggest the major factor in your first board is the available educational material. I personally learned with the Basys 2 and this free course by Hamster.It is written for the Basys 2 and Nexys 2 board (both Spartan 3E boards). The course goes through the all aspects of those boards, from the leds to the on board ram, to VGA output. 8 upvotes, 5 comments. Posted in the ECEComponentExchange community.

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EL6453 - Final Project - Rijndael AES256 Encryption/Decryption on Spartan6 FPGA

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