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The Bitcoin Minefield

Be really really careful regarding fees. There are literally fees everywhere when it comes to buying Bitcoins, selling Bitcoins, transferring Bitcoins from one wallet to another, transferring fiat currency into your Bitcoin exchange, paying with debit and credit cards. It’s a total minefield. You can and will waste huge amounts of money if you don’t know what you're doing or just rush into things.
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The Bitcoin Minefield /r/BitcoinBeginners

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Nice Bitcoin Minefield game

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Bitcoin Minefield!

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Is Bitcoin Minefield profitable?

I'm not new to the concept of Bitcoins but I have just started to get interested in it.
Referral Link This sites odds seem too good to be true. If you bet 0.001, your winnings are multiplied by 22.5 so you have 20 chances of getting it right. Usually I get it right in less if I click the same square over and over again.
Or does my math not check out :P
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I know most gambling things are fake, but I really think this Bitcoin minefield thing is real.. Anybody wanna confirm this for me?

So Bitcoin Minefield
Basically there is this video floating around, (i.e. stating how one can kinda fool the system into getting a better chance at winning for your favor. I've been doing some research and I've actually tried this myself. Idk why so many people are stating how they are losing, but this system actually works for me?
Another thing I've noticed is that after every 3 checks, the minefield block changes into TNT. So dont always trust your block.
Can anyone confirm this? Thanks :)
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Bitcoin MineField - 10%-2300% winings, fully automated, Verifiable sha256 hash

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Gamble your BTC at the Bitcoin minefield.

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"SegWit [would] bring unnecessary complexity to the bitcoin blockchain. Huge changes it introduces into the client are a veritable minefield of issues, [with] huge changes needed for all wallets, exchanges, remittance, and virtually all bitcoin software that will use it." ~ u/Bitcoinopoly
SegWit [would] bring unnecessary complexity to the bitcoin blockchain.
Huge changes it introduces into the client are a veritable minefield of issues, but the far bigger problem comes from the huge changes needed for all wallets, exchanges, remittance, and virtually all bitcoin software that will use it.
In problems dealing with either mathematics or software one must always strive for the simplest complete solution.
Einstein's Relativity wasn't the only model that could explain the phenomena which it proposed to. It was just the most elegant and simple option available as a robust model. We can also apply this to planetary physics. You can view the solar system as the Sun and Milky Way rotating around the Earth. While it has been made into a working theory the idea is rejected due to the ridiculously excessive amount of explanatory data where the heliocentric model is vastly more efficient and easier to use.
SegWit is not the only way to fix tx malleability and it is by far not the simplest.
If you want to read news stories about Wallet A, B, and C having consensus bugs due to SegWit integration and Exchange X, Y, and Z being forced to reimburse customers funds due to SegWit exploits while watching the price reverse into a downtrend then be my guest.
Lots of people outside of the pro-SegWit echo chambers agree that this mess should never be activated as the amount of risk is extremely high.
Even if just a single piece of popular bitcoin software or a single exchange finds a serious bug when using SegWit the ripple effect of justified fear it will have could potentially stop most of the tx malleability and capacity increases immediately.
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Bitcoin Miners Navigate A Crypto Minefield

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Bitcoin Miners Navigate A Crypto Minefield - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: November 28, 2018 at 11:13PM
Bitcoin Miners Navigate A Crypto Minefield
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Bitcoin Miners Navigate A Crypto Minefield - Crypto Briefing

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ACR, BTC, and Coinbase

In short, decided to make a minor withdrawal from ACR. Created Coinbase account, get it all set-up and verified, etc. Execute the small withdrawal from ACR using Coinbase wallet. Moments later, as I'm researching this more (oops), it is apparently widely known that Coinbase doesn't mess around w/ ACR or other gambling sites. So...e-mail message to ACR support (not holding my breath) to inquire if it's possible to cancel the withdrawal request while I establish a middle-man platform to receive the withdrawal.
Anyway - for those who might know - and those who might want to know in the future - am I simply out the minor withdrawal I made or does Coinbase essentially tell the sender "Nope, take it back." and I'll eventually see the minor withdrawal amount back into my ACR account in a few days?
Thanks for your time and insights as I begin to navigate the minefield that is ACR withdraws, bitcoin, cryptocurrency wallets, and Coinbase's apparent silliness.
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''Investing in initial coin offerings is a minefield [...] Trust is being denigrated and being destroyed!'' Join our Scam-Free initiative. /r/Bitcoin

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Avoiding misleading bitcoin information is like walking through a minefield

The following post by pisstagram is being replicated because the post has been silently greylisted.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7jbpt4
The original post's content was as follows:
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Meet the YFDAI Team!

Meet the YFDAI Team!
Over the course of mere months, the DeFi space has grown to the tune of billions in 2020. While DeFi has earned its title as the next hottest crypto trend, its popularity has shown to be a double-edged sword. Reports of scams and “rug pulls” have volleyed into crypto news outlets, social media, and discussion groups, damaging the reputation of the DeFi space.
DeFi is unique in that the tenets of trust and decentralization has normalized the practice of anonymity to the point where nearly every single DeFi team launches anonymously. While the freedom to create DeFi tools does support the notion that anyone should be able to create an honest financial protocol for the goodwill of the people, the opposite effect often occurs. If the past few months has proven anything, it’s that the normalization of anonymity has acted as both the greatest weapon and the greatest defence for fraudulent actors and dishonest entities. Because of this, DeFi is often seen as a free-for-all minefield as countless exit scams and “rugpulls” have become the norm. Having this as an accepted vice of DeFi shouldn’t mean investors should normalize risk of losses. It should inspire projects to set a higher standard in the DeFi space.
We are excited to announce that the YFDAI team has taken the tenets of decentralized finance and expanded on them. As a DeFi protocol, we champion decentralization and the collective action of the community to pave the road towards true transparency and security for all. After countless hours of legal counseling, we’re proud to announce that we will be among the very few DeFi projects to go public and among the first to set a new precedent for the DeFi space.
Say hello to the YFDAI team.
Meet Pritha Paul (Olivia) — Chief Strategic — Volunteer
Olivia is both a software engineer and a Businesswoman. Having been an avid fan of blockchain and trader of cryptocurrencies, Olivia felt the need to contribute her expertise to the cryptocurrency space. This desire prompted her to create YFDAI, one of DeFi’s most secure and trusted protocols. Seeing the cryptocurrency space as a professional programmer, Olivia knows the importance of making a clean and secure DeFi protocol.
With the rate of fraudulent projects ascending contemporaneously with the rise of DeFi, Olivia knew it was crucial to have a trusted and well-secured protocol that can guide as an example for other projects to follow. Along with this idea, Olivia felt that for DeFi to reach its highest potential, there needed to be an ecosystem that protects investors and supports DeFi projects looking to bring real value to the space. With this in mind, Olivia came up with YFDAI’s signature SafeSwap and LaunchPad platforms.
Olivia has a number of qualifications and holds a bachelor’s in Computer Applications. Some of her advanced programming languages include: C, C++, JAVA, Python, Oracle.
Meet Tapas Paul (Rocky) — Lead Dev — Volunteer
Doubling as a software developer and website designer, Tapas carries ample experience in web development and design. Having been familiar with cryptocurrencies for years, his initial descent into the space came in the golden year of 2017. Since then, Tapas has been engaged in crypto and felt the need to create a truly honest and secure DeFi platform together with Pritha. Tapas’s vast expertise in web development and blockchain gives YFDAI an edge in becoming one of the top DeFi protocols in the space.
Tapas has a diverse range of tech experience that range from creating web applications and front-end designs for various startups to working as a senior blockchain developer for distributed solidity systems for complicated DAPPs. Since then, Tapas has provided Ethereum and TRON consulting to multiple blockchain startups entering the space.
Some of Tapas expertise and advanced programming languages include- Solidity, Web3 TronWeb, JavaScript, MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS Node.JS React Native, HTML5, CSS3, Distributed Ledger Technology , Ethereum and TRON DAPPs, Authentication systems, Real Time Web Apps.
Meet Ankit Ruthala (Thore) — Chief Business Development — Volunteer
Thore carries a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with fundamental engineering and dynamics experience. He has extensive background experience in both engineering and blockchain development. With the ever-increasing level of innovation that is occurring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Thore felt the need to contribute his own knowledge and expertise to the field. Thore’s extensive experience in the field is projected into the YFDAI project with the end-user in mind. Being proficient in both blockchain literacy and technical analyses, Thore understands the cryptocurrency space from both a developer and investor perspective.
Meet Wesley — Security Consultant — Volunteer
Wesley specializes in Infrastructure and security management with a background in economics. Having been involved in the cryptocurrency scene for over three years, Wesley has had ample exposure to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since 2017, Wesley has worked as an agent for BTC Direct and in Binance community management.
Meet Cristian- Graphic Designer — Volunteer
Despite his previous work experience as a computer programmer, Cristian found his niche excelling in graphic design and maximizing brand identity. After winning over 400 graphic design competitions, Cristian now works as a dedicated graphic designer. Living by the mantra of “every profession is an act of service”, Cristian’s passion is manifested through his works in design, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.
Meet Cris Content Writer — Volunteer
Cris first began his cryptocurrency journey in the summer of 2017. Since then, he has been obsessed with everything cryptocurrency and blockchain related. After being featured on a series of cryptocurrency publications on Medium, Cris found his way into writing and managing a variety of cryptocurrency startups. Cris now continues pursuing his passion in cryptocurrency while balancing life as a university student.
Meet Christof Waton — Business Development Consultant — Volunteer
Christof currently holds a bachelor’s in data communication and is currently completing his masters in Digital Currencies. His initial descent into cryptocurrencies came when he first bought Bitcoin in 2014. Since then, Christof has led his professional career in a variety of fields in and out of the crypto space. Within the crypto space, Christof has held positions as chief business development officer for both ExMarkets and CoinMargin. Outside of the crypto space Christof led as a consultant for both Dubai Hills Fund and Verifo, an e-money institution. After years of experience in both the financial and crypto industry, Christof has experienced cryptocurrency through the lens of a professional, investor, and an enthusiast.
Meet Philip Dow — Head Advisor — Volunteer
Phil operates as a strategic executive with a high-level background in project management, business development, and marketing. Phil first brought his expertise to the cryptocurrency field in 2016. Phil carries a wealth of knowledge as his years in crypto garnered him key connections with a variety of different cryptocurrency partners ranging from, developers, project CEOs, and marketing.
For the past 4 years Phil has brought coverage to a multitude of different blockchain companies, each offering unique expertise and applications in a wide variety of fields.
Now that the team identities have been released this dispels the “Elephant in the room”. The fact that the team chose to become non-anon opens up many doors that would otherwise be closed. The specifics of those opportunities will be made clear in the upcoming whitepaper and future announcements.
Even though the names and faces of the founders behind the project have been revealed, please note that there are many people who are working on the YFDAI project on a contractual basis and volunteer basis who have not been included in the disclosure. There are experts and advisors in the fields of business development, economics, law, and other areas vital to any business that play a major role in the success of YFDAI and who share the vision of the founders to clean up the DeFi space and offer a safe, reliable, and secure suite of DeFi products to the public.
While the team behind a crypto project is vital, the ultimate success of any DeFi project relies on the technology, the code, and the community. YFDAI’s technology and code have been designed to be bulletproof in order to maximize the safety and security for the end user. In the not too distant future, YFDAI’s business model envisions the everyday decisions to ultimately be made by you, the community, by way of the DAO as governance is turned over to the token holders.
To ensure we are operating as securely and compliantly as possible YFDAI has been incorporated as a Technology business in Singapore:
Company Name — Tejster Technologies PTE. LTD. Registration No — 202031933C Address — 50,Raffles Place,#37–00,Singapore Land Tower, Singapore (048623)
To finalise the compliance aspect YFDAI is in the process of obtaining full Financial Services regulation by means of receiving compliance and registration in the Republic of Estonia.
This will be a two stage process with an initial Virtual Currency Exchange and E-Wallet licence currently being sought. YDFAI’s legal representatives have moved this to an advanced stage and expect this to be finalized in Q4 2020. It is at this point that the team shall resume their full job titles and the term “Volunteer” will no longer be required.
The licenses will open up a plethora of opportunities which will be fully detailed in our soon to be released whitepaper and will also provide YFDAI with a level of accreditation that will provide users with full peace of mind.
Once YFDAI secures the Financial Services accreditation listed above, YFDAI will have full insurance coverage of the project’s financial holdings and transactions, including project wallets and user funds.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to setting a new standard of self regulation that will revolutionize the DeFI arena and level the playing field for all participants while minimizing the fraud and desecration of the bad actors who have infiltrated the DeFi space.
- YFDAI Team
Visit us on our website and chat with us on Telegram!
Telegram Community:
Telegram Announcements:
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"SegWit [would] bring unnecessary complexity to the bitcoin blockchain. Huge changes it introduces into the client are a veritable minefield of issues, [with] huge changes needed for all wallets, exchanges, remittance, and virtually all bitcoin software that will use it." ~ u/Bitcoinopoly /r/btc

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/r/Movies 2020 State of Affairs: Self Promotion and Spam. If you have your own blog/YT channel/website - read this!

Hi guys. So, we've banned a lot of spammers lately, which isn't too uncommon, but it seems more and more frequent that we're getting users who.... don't really understand what spam is.
By the /movies definition, which is slightly more loose than the reddit site-wide definition:
spam is when you submit from one source so much that more than 20% of your total submissions come from it.
The users have a real wishy-washy attitude toward spam. Literally anything that is OC is reported as "spam," but that doesn't mean it gets removed or breaks any rules. Users are okay with self-promotion as long as users like the content, basically, but the rules apply to all, regardless of reception. Can't say, "Oh 74% of my submissions are from MovieGenius9000's youtube channel, but I get upvotes so it's allowed." Not how it works, karma will not save you. And once you're banned, that account is gone forever. We do not unban spammers. We have nearly 20 mods, we're not super interested in tagging you guys and making sure you kept your promises. Accounts banned first, and if the site gets pummeled again - the source website goes on our blacklist.
The general outline:
This all sounds doom and gloom, but in all seriousness we encourage and appreciate your OC, but please be aware that there are rules that you need to follow first.
And if anyone has any automod ideas on how to nuke these repost bots, I'd like to hear it :)
This section is What to do if you were banned for spam and you're a content creator
We might've linked to this post when we banned you. So what now? What can you do?
Make a new account and play by the rules. That account that was just banned? It's burned forever in /movies. Make a new account, one that doesn't serve as an advertisement for your YouTube channel or website or whatever, and just be a normal redditor. Link to cool stuff you found, talk about it, talk about other people's submissions. Then, once every five submissions, link to your own work.
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Fun-ish Minefield Game to Dubble Bitcoin

A minecraft themed minefield game that lets you multiply your Bitcoin. If you look online you can find ways to predict where the mines are about 90% of the time. Have fun, Cheers.
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Bitcoin mine or minefield?

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Get free bitcoins by playing fun minefield
You start of with 0.06 dollars
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snapped up a caroni like a rum tater

So, I have tasted some good rum, have a fair amount of exceptional cask series, some velier, okay. I have never had a Caroni, I would not spend more than 100£ on something I am not confident is special, all I know is Caroni is hyped up meme rum, mostly because it is closed. In terms of whisky that is something I stay away from, I have had the occasionally closed distillery and it is never remotely worth it. My strategy is now to buy stuff blind that is 40-60 like any cambpeltown limited releases and if its 90-130 it would be better to taste it first, and beyond that it is probably not worth the money. So I am sitting a bar sipping a 15yo single cask, cask strength ron abuelo and debate whether it is worth it to pick it up for £72. Just as I am about to pull the trigger, I see on my phone I can pick up a 21 Caroni TMCG single cask, cask strength, for 176£. That struck me as a decent price. I get mega fomo and panic buy the Caroni on my phone without really knowing what I am buying. This sort of tatering behavior I am trying to not do with bourbon or scotch or bitcoin.
So, given the price, I will probably keep this closed for a special occasion to keep some relationship with mindful consumption. But I have to say the 15yo Ron abuelo was nice too. Anyway, not sure what the point of the post was. I guess I am wondering whether rum is usually less of a minefield of fomo and hype than bourbon and scotch. Expect my Caroni review in 2-12 years from now lol
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Mine Bitcoin on your Android Device New trick to Win always in bitcoin MineField How to always win at BTC minefield. Bitcoin Earning Methods and ASIC MIning Farm (URDU PAKISTAN) Bitcoin Mining and Field Recordings of Ethnic Minorities ...

This site is to promote and share the game Bitcoin Minefield, as well as other free ways to earn real bitcoin credits which are good all over the internet. It’s better than paypal, without all the pesky fees, and without the b.s. 2 reviews of Bitcoin Minefield - "Entry the world of negotiation is not easy, its necessary to have a strong knowledge of what to do and a lot of free time to follow. i really lost a lot as beginner. i saw several post and come here and there about perfect strategies , but i didn't i did not lose hope , i was refereed to Mr silbert who is now my trading specialist/account manager . this man ... Bitcoin News; How to Navigate the Minefield of Cryptocurrency Taxation. November 23, 2019. 1080. Share. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. Telegram. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Advertisment. National tax agencies have recently made it clear that the long arms of the law will be wielded to ensure bitcoiners pay the appropriate tax on their earnings. Motivated by surging interest in crypto, authorities are ... The Minefield of Bitcoin. Posted on March 7, 2019 by 1visionmultimedia. As much as I want to jump right into Bitcoin trading, I know that I must do my due diligence so that I don’t get scammed as a newbie. Since there is so much news about crytocurrency scams these days, I wanted to know what to look out for, and after a little digging I came across some very good tips. I won a new crypto ... Posted by ozeronix in Uncategorized and tagged with bitcoin, bitcoin minefield, bitcoin pyramid September 7, 2012 This site is to promote and share the game Bitcoin Minefield, as well as other free ways to earn real bitcoin credits which are good all over the internet.

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Mine Bitcoin on your Android Device

Everyone seems to be talking about Bitcoin now. Well, if you're absolutely desperate to get in on the action, you can start mining straight from your Android device. Just don't expect much. Watch Bitcoin Mining and Field Recordings of Ethnic Minorities Full Movie IN HD Visit :: Télécharger : - http://gettopm... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Close. This video is unavailable. Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money on Clickbank for Free (Step By Step 2020) - Duration: 22:47. Santrel Media Recommended for you