13-Port USB 2.0 Hub With Power Adapter (HB-U14P) – Sabrent

[WTS][Canada] 10x USB Script miner Moonlander 2

For sale : 10x USB Script miner Moonlander 2
40$ USD each shipping from Qc / Canada
Mining at stock speed (3.8MH/s ) since January, super stable with a good USB 3 hub.
Shipping 1 or 10 don't matter 20$ to USA , 15$ Canada
Escrow accepted, Ognasty, Phil or reputable member we agree on. Payment in BTC, LTC or DGB*
I also have a Eyeboot 20 ports USB 3 hub but is expensive, I will sell if I got a good price for it.
N.B My previous account was hacked, can't get in touch with admin, back to noobs status
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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[USA-FL][H] Cisco 24Port Switch, iPod Classic, Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories, Seagate 2TB 2.5" SAS Drives, Xbox 360, Couple computer parts, Bitcoin Miner, Other misc items [W] Bitcoin, Paypal

Need all this stuff gone. No unreasonable price will be refused. I tried to price the items reasonably but will consider best offer on anything listed. All items do not include shipping. Please PM me your zip and I will calculate shipping. Must comment here first. No trades please. If you would like any additional pictures please let me know.
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4 Port USB Hub ◄ Portable Laptop Accessory review super cheap SOLARMINER USB Ready for Global Orders Oil Cooled Bitcoin ASIC USB Block Erupters CHECK OUT THIS SLEEK MODERN USB 3.0 HUB W/SD CARD READER Satechi Premium Aluminum 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub

While understanding each device and its perks and drawbacks, I suggest that the recommendable device or the best USB bitcoin miner to be used would be the Gekkoscience Compac USB stick bitcoin miner as these devices are fast for USB stick miners. As in, 20 GH/s (with tuning) fast. You can get plenty of support in their forums and they even have a few example setups to work with. Reasonable ... Currently the most efficient USB miner ever manufactured. The NEWPAC Compac features 2 Bitmain BM1387 chips (this is the same chip as in the Bitmain S5). The stock clock setting is 100MHz for 23GH. The possible frequency values range from 100MHz to 600MHz, which generates speeds from 23GH to 130GH. Please make sure you provide extra cooling (table fan, usb fan, etc) when running the miner ... In stock. No customer review. StarTech.com 2 Port USB A (Female) to IDC Motherboard Header Slot Plate Adapter LN54726 £2.99 £5.48 NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Add To Basket. In stock. Customer Review . 4 Port Xclio USB2.0 Travel Hub Bus Powered Silver LN27227 £3.98 £5.48 NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Add To Basket. In stock. Customer Review . Akasa AK-HB-19BK Connect4C 4 Ports USB 2.0 HUB With Integrated Cable ... Sipolar-USB Hub- 10 Ports USB Data Hub-Industrial USB Powered Hub - USB 2.0 Hub for Mining, Bitcoin Miner * Supply 5V/600mA sufficient current per port and supports USB 2.0 data transfer rates up to 480 Mbp; Each USB port on our 13 Port hub will only provide 5 volts 300 Milliamps. External hard-drives should be connected to an external power source. This hub functions as a USB hub only, to connect USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 devices to your computer, and is not a standalone device charger. This hub is not recommended for asic bitcoin miners.

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4 Port USB Hub ◄ Portable Laptop Accessory review super cheap

What you see here are two USB Block Erupters from ASICMINER connected to a 4 port USB hub that I took apart. The fan is a CPU fan wired up to a USB cable that I cut apart to help the oil move. As I already owned the TeckNet HU043 USB 3.0 3-Port Hub with Ethernet Adapter for well over 2 years, but didn't work 100% I ordered a new cheap Chinese USB NIC from Aliexpress. ----- The Tecknet ... This Hub can turn one USB port into four. Magic. The D-Link® 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub (DUB-H4) provides four additional USB 2.0 ports to your PC or Mac, allowing you to connect USB devices such as ... SUBSCRIBE! Here's a well designed, modern looking aluminum USB 3 hub that also has an integrated SD/TF card reader. Three USB 3.0 ports and 2 slot SD/Micro SD card reader. You can use all 5 ports ... *Expand 1 USB 3.0 port into 4 USB 3.0 port, it allows you to connect 4 devices simultaneously without interfering with each other *Super-fast data transmission speed (USB 3.0 up to 5Gbps ...