Bitcoin Bubble? Why the Burst Might Be Good for Bitcoin ...

When will the Bitcoin bubble burst this time?

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When Will the Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

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When Will the Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

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[Business] - Will the bitcoin bubble burst? | Irish Times

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[Business] - Will the bitcoin bubble burst?

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: When will the Bitcoin bubble burst?? /r/AskReddit

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Will The Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

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When will the bitcoin bubble burst?

Does anyone have any idea where the peak of this bubble will be?
Does anyone know what signs should be looked for, to know if it is truly in a downward trend and not a hiccup?
Anyone have any links that may address this issue?
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When the TSLA bubble bursts, how will that effect bitcoin?

TSLA is up 350% is a matter of 4 months, Tesla currently is the largest automobile company in the world, now bigger than Ford, Toyota and Chevy combined. Whenever TSLA does go bear (or atleast a decent pullback), will interest in bitcoin return again? I have a theory that TSLA is stealing a lot of the spotlight away from bitcoin right now. I think the same types of traders who would be interested in bitcoin's volatility are right now occupied with TSLA.
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One week ago the former CFTC Chairman stated that the "Bitcoin Bubble will not burst anytime soon." In the seven short days since then, Bitcoin has lost 23.4% of its value.

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Is Bitcoin (& Alt-coins) Going To Break Out | Amazon Stock Is Falling | The Bubble Of everything Will Burst

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Cryptos are big enough now that when the current Bitcoin bubble bursts it will affect the larger economy.

Whether you are bearish or bullish in the long term, Bitcoin is quite obviously in the midst of a bubble. Between the time I write this and a year ago, the Bitcoin price has increased from $640 to its current value of $5700 - an annual increase of 890%. This actually means bitcoin is one of the fastest appreciating financial assets in U.S. history (all similar rises were, of course, bubbles).
While last month it seemed that this meteoric rise might slow on bad news in the form of China shutting down crypto exchanges, this turned out to not be the case. Bitcoin has continued to rise at a truly impressive pace. While this current environment would seem like a bubble ready to burst, I would argue otherwise.
The story from Wall Street right now is that in fact, many more people want to invest in bitcoin than are currently doing so. However for many of these investors, the headache of having to go to bitcoin exchanges and learn about wallets etc. is keeping them at bay. They are waiting for more traditional instruments to come out of Wall Street before jumping on board.
And those instruments are coming. With Goldman Sachs discussing opening up bitcoin operatons, Bitcoin ETF's finally passing muster and being allowed to open, cryptocurrency based investment funds such as the one provided by Metis Management or the EToro's Crypto Fund coming online, and Wall Street beginning to have talks of creating Crypto futures markets, people's access to pathways to Crypto investment is increasing rapidly. Hedge fund managers are also trying to get in on the current action.
This means that Bitcoin and other cryptos are in the process of coming to a much larger market. Of course I don't have to remind any of you that the fundamentals of bitcoin have not really changed since the sub $200 price levels of 3 years ago. Its essentially the same tech. Further, acceptance by business has only marginally increased.
The irrational exuberance of the Bitcoin markets, which until now have mostly been available to dedicated enthusiasts, are opening up, and the irrationality is spreading. When Wall Street does fully jump on board, we are going to see a price run up that will make the current run look pretty cute in comparison.
The current Bitcoin market cap stands at 94.6 billion, but it bears remembering that all other cryptos have historically walked in near lock step with bitcoin, especially on the downward side of the bubbles we've seen in the past. The total market capitalization of all cryptos is 169.1 billion. While this is already staggering for an asset that at this time provides little more than a chance to speculate, with Wall Street really jumping on board this number could skyrocket. Compare the figure 169 billion to a single blue chip stock, such as Apple's $805 billion capitalization, and you can get a feel for how much untapped money Wall Street can provide.
Further, Bitcoin no longer represents an isolated speculative bubble. Nvidia recently reported that sales of mining equipment accounted for a full 10% of their revenue. Many companies, mostly tech companies, have been using coin ICO's as a way to get around federal regulation, meaning that the value of coins is funding a lot of startup activity in Silicon Valley. ICO offerings now provide more start up funds than venture capitalism, the traditional way that startups are funded. A crash in cryptos would be devastating to these ventures. Blockchain technology unrelated to bitcoin is also taking off in a big way. Companies are starting to look at blockchains as a way to manage many operations, and are getting huge funding, based largely on the current exuberance of the bitcoin market. Look to IBM's "Blockchain Labs" for a blue chip example. A big drop in bitcoin's price will shake investor faith in these companies and provoke sell offs. Even governments are jumping on board. The state of Delaware recently launched the Delaware Blockchain Initiative to provide services to companies located in state.
Whether any crash of the bitcoin sphere will ripple further than the tech world is unsure. That all depends on how "all in" Wall Street manages to get before something causes it to pop. If total crypto market cap reaches 1 trillion, which at current growth rates would only take a year, you can bet your ass that the pretty highly leveraged and longest running bull market since World War 2, which we are currently in, will take a hit. How bad of a hit depends on how much debt investors are willing to take out to jump on the bitcoin train. However, even if the bubble bursts now there will be knock on effects for those of us working in tech. I expect that my highly investment driven tech business will take a hit.
tl;dr Bitcoin and cryptos are now big enough that the popping of the current bubble will have wider effects on the economy as a whole.
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If bitcoin IS a bubble, when it bursts, will the other cryptocurrencies be affected?

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Will Bitcoin rise again? Or has the bubble burst?
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When will the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency bubble burst?

I don't know about you but bitcoin is screaming "bubble" see lots of speculative trading on the news, bought some 2 weeks ago and I'm getting 30% return! Going up 100 of thousands of percent just all signs of a bubble.
Minsky wrote the 5 stages of a trading bubble and it looks like btc is in the Boom/Euphoria stage.
Just intrigued about your guys take on it? All the old cats are pretty anti it and the new kids on the block have soo much faith in btc. If there is a bubble when do you guys think it will burst?
Cheers ledzzz
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With bitcoin now under 7k. What are your predictions? How far will it continue falling? And when will it start rising again? Is the bubble bursting?

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If The Bitcoin Bubble Bursts Will It Affect IOTA?

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Lior tells us why he believes the "Bitcoin Bubble" will not burst in the near future

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On the Precipice: Is Bitcoin a Bubble and When Will it Burst?

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being realistic, how much longer until the bitcoin bubble bursts and getting a good GPU will cost a reasonable price again?

title says it all. but it's frustrating seeing even the nvidia 900 series GPU's costing more then 3x what they should cost. i want the price hike to end
edit. cryptocurrency, whatever it's called, bitcoins the big name, but either way, hate the price hike
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@BW: A year after the crypto bubble burst, will Bitcoin ever recover?

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@BW: A year after the crypto bubble burst, will Bitcoin ever recover?

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WILL BITCOIN BUBBLE BURST?? - 7 Facts That You MUST Know! Will The Bitcoin Bubble Burst? Latest Update on BitCoin When Will the Bitcoin Bubble Burst? Why Bitcoin is Going to Crash

If the bitcoin bubble bursts, this is what will happen next . Bitcoin looks like it's heading towards a major crash. If it happens, crypto-millionaires will be hit hardest while governments move ... What Does Bubble Mean? So we have the question - is Bitcoin a bubble? But what does the expression “Bitcoin bubble” actually mean? In financial terms, a “bubble” is a state where an asset stays stale for the longest time, then explodes and its price skyrockets through the roof.The “burst” that was referenced happens when this asset’s price drops down as quickly as it rose up. Among these predictions, people believe that bitcoin is in a bubble that can burst any. Can the critics be right? In this article, bitcoin is in a bubble. Against which we all have, and will look at the logic that can burst at any time. Constitutes Bubble A bubble is formed when the asset steadily increases in its normal market value. It has two steps; Burst and formed. The burst phase is the ... Bitcoin Bubble Burst in the media: From December 6th to 7th, sadly sneaky code was added, which drained the battery and performance of around 10.000 users, we like compensate those, by spending for a good, humanistic, cause the same amount - soon more about that. Data & APIs. Trading Data Analysing the trade values for rapid changes by applying advanced statistical algorithms. We are using the ... This paper explores when will occur and collapse in Bitcoin bubbles by applying generalized sup augmented Dickey–Fuller test method proposed by Phillips et al. (Testing for multiple bubbles: historical episodes of exuberance and collapse in the S&P 500. Singapore Management University, Working Paper, No. 04-2013, 2013). The results show that there are six explosive bubbles in China and five ...

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The bubble bursts. The situation I’ve described is exactly what’s happening with bitcoin. Bitcoin price should increase because it’s a useful currency, it’s decentralised, all the things ... In this Bitcoin review I will share my knowledge about the "Bitcoin bubble" and whether it will burst soon or not at all. GET $10 WORTH OF FREE BITCOINS HERE: ... Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse BitCoin ke bare main baat ki hai. Jaise ke aap jante hai ki bitcoin ne aaj record bna diya hai aur apne abhi tk se sbse highest rate pe aa gya hai. Abhi ...